History of South Windsor, CT

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South Windsor features a long and interesting Connecticut history, beginning as a humble family farm and growing into a large suburban town. Learn more about how this area grew, and discover some of the famous citizens and landmarks who call South Windsor home.

17th and 18th Centuries

The land that now encompasses both South Windsor and East Hartford was originally purchased in 1659 by Thomas Burnham from chief sachem of the Podunk Indians. While the Burnham family lived there exclusively for many years, by 1700, many families had made the land their home, using it for farming and grazing purposes. The area continued to grow, and in 1768, the residents incorporated the town East Windsor, which included Ellington, South Windsor, and East Windsor.

During the American Revolution, this area made a name for itself building ships and developing its agriculture, primarily in tobacco. Ellington became its own town in 1786, and by 1845, South Windsor independently incorporated.

20th Century and Today

Since 1950, the population of South Windsor has nearly tripled, with over 25,000 residents. No longer only a rural, farming community, this town has grown from its agricultural roots into a more diverse area with commercial and industrial pursuits.

Famous South Windsor Residents

This area is home to several American innovators and historical figures, including:

  • John Fitch, inventor of the steamboat
  • Jonathan Edwards, theologian
  • Eli Terry, clockmaker

Historic South Windsor Landmarks

South Windsor boasts several locations on the national register of historic places, including:

  • East Windsor Hill Historic District
  • Elmore Houses
  • Windsor Farms Historic District

Making History

Mazda of Manchester is proud to be part of Connecticut’s rich and vibrant history, and we look forward to serving our Vernon neighbors for years to come. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you or for restaurant recommendations in South Windsor.

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