Mazda’s RX-VISION Concept Vehicle is Unadulterated Driving Passion

October 11th, 2016 by


Beautifully proportioned and exhilaratingly edgy, Mazda’s RX-VISION delivers strongly on Mazda’s rich legacy of innovation and the pursuit of perfection that East Hartford and Glastonbury drivers are sure to appreciate. The only carmaker in the world to successfully mass-produce the rotary engine, Mazda continues to challenge the status quo with their latest concept vehicle, the RX-VISION.

Mazda Signature Rotary Engine

The rotary engine is a symbol of Mazda’s tirelessly innovative spirit; it’s an essential fiber woven into the fabric of the bond Mazda shares with its customers. Making its premiere in Tokyo, the RX-VISION concept introduces Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV®-R rotary engine, the latest addition to Mazda’s SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY lineup of innovative performance equipment. While there are no rotary-powered cars in Mazda’s current vehicle lineup, we hope that will change soon and that the RX-VISION will eventually be made available to the public, delivering sports car front-engine rear-wheel-drive styling for Vernon and South Windsor drivers.

Style That’s Impossible to Ignore

Of course, what’s under the hood is only part of the complete package. The dangerous curves and sleek lines of the RX-VISION’s body styling grabs ahold of your attention and refuses to let go. Born of KODO design, the one-of-a-kind proportions are only made possible by the unique SKYACTIV®-R engine. The RX-VISION’s sports car design is unmistakable, with its low and wide body, taut cabin, and short overhangs. The custom red paint color enhances the contrast between shadows and light and gives the vehicle an overall energetic brightness. Inside, the handcrafted feel of the cabin creates an atmosphere of warmth and expectation, ready for you to lay the hammer down at a moment’s notice.

Learn More at Mazda of Manchester!

Mazda continues to push limits and challenge what’s possible, resulting in cutting-edge technology and advancements. While you can’t drive your own RX-VISION quite yet, you can still learn more about the SKYACTIV®-R rotary engine and experience the excitement of driving any of Mazda’s current vehicle lineup at Mazda of Manchester. To learn more about the latest Mazda technology or to arrange a test drive, give us a call at (860) 645-4100, contact us online, or stop by our showroom, located at 80 Oakland St. in Manchester, CT. We are here seven days a week to serve you best.

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